[Other] Best WI-FI 2023 Young Researcher Paper

Dear colleagues,

We recently launched the Best WI-FI 2023 Young Researcher Paper
FinTech Contest.

This award includes a fast-tracked review, and possible publication of 
the paper in Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Special 
Issue on Advanced Statistical, Modelling for Fintech, financial 
inclusion and inequality (Guest Editors Maria Iannario, Branka Hadji 
Misheva, Jörg Robert Osterrieder, Claudia Tarantola), subject to prior 
agreement from the author/authors and being accepted by the editorial 
board of the journal.

The Best WI-FI 2023 Young researcher Paper will be selected by the 
Young Researcher Workshop Panel together with representatives of the 
Diversity team from all papers being at the same time orally presented 
by the Young researcher authors during regular sessions of the Woman 
in Fintech 2023 Conference (Portugal, June 1 and 2, 2003).

Submission deadline: April 30, 2023.

Further details about Qualifications & Eligibility at 

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