[Our Action] Deliverables and Objectives

Deliverables  Grant Period 1 Goals of Grant Period 2 MoU Objectives

[Our Action] Grant Applications

Dear COST FinAI members, all grant applications for Grant Period 2 (until End of October 2022) of our COST Action FinAI are now open. An overview can be found in e-COST and on our webpage as well as the COST FinAI Wiki. STSM grant Application Virtual Mobility grant Application Dissemination Conference grant Application ITC Conference grant Application Virtual Networking Support grant Application Contact persons (once fully confirmed by an MC vote): Grants in general: Codruta Mare Virtual Mobility Grants: Vasile Strat… Read More

[Our Action] COST FinAI Update Grant Period 2

Since we are now fully starting with the second grant period, a few updates on 1) Work and Budget plan (WBP) 2) Activities 3) Proposed new leadership structure. We have 19 Countries represented as hosts and organizers. UK, Switzerland, Turkey, Hong Kong, Austria, Italy, France, Ireland, Romania, Germany, Netherlands, Croatia, Portugal, Finland, North Macedonia, Poland,  Slovakia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Europe (i.e. online). There will be 24 conferences, workshops, seminars, meetings organised by COST FinAI and/ or… Read More

[Our Action] University College Dublin Impact Podcast

Alessia Paccagnini, Scientific Communication Manager of our COST Action, has been interviewed in the UCD Business Impact Podcast. She talked about her research, her role in the COST Action and in particular about the promotion of women in FinTech and STEM. https://www.ucd.ie/quinn/podcast/

[Our Action] New deadlines for STSMs and ITC Conference Grants

 We have 3 calls for application each year, for both STSMs and ITC Conference Grants: 1st deadline April, 1st 2nd deadline May, 1st 3rd   deadline July,  1st   For details please refer to:

[Our Action] Core group meeting

On January 19, 2022, we started the COST FinAI year 2022 with our first core group meeting:Presentation and meeting minutes are here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16nQoETCBnWG2FJ8RqADznRoZfkHN21CB As main follow-ups, we have: 1.      The following leadership positions are open, anyone interested, please let Branka, Valerio and/ or myself know:a.      Virtual Grant Manager   b.      Grant Award Coordinator/ Manager2.      Daniele, Ronald, Alessia have been very active preparing a mailing list and… Read More

[Our Action] Podcast

Our action has produced a podcast series directed by Professor Vasile Strat (Virtual Network Manager) that covers a variety of themes relevant to the research interests of our Cost Action members. The first episode featured an invited discussion by Ashraf Khan and Majid Malaika from the International Monetary Fund about Central Bank Risk Management, Fintech, and Cybersecurity. In the podcasts that followed, Professor Strat interviewed six members of the Cost Action (Professor Codruta Mare, Professor Belma… Read More

[Our Action] 2021 VMG and STSM reports

Report on 2021 Virtual Mobility Grants Report on 2021 Short Term Scientific Missions