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Diversity is one of the main aspects to be considered in this Action. The three main considerations are gender balance, participation of Inclusiveness Target Countries and Early Career Investigators.

The two pillars of COST excellence and inclusiveness are:

  • Strengthening the excellence through the creation of cross-border networking of researchers
  • Promoting geographical, age and gender balance throughout its activities and operations

Those will be addressed as follows: In our COST Action proposal, 50% of the participating countries are Inclusiveness Target Countries. Indeed, we have all almost all ITC on board. All of our COST activities are focused on cross-border collaboration, networking and dissemination of results across borders. 50% of the participating countries are ITC.

Geographical, age and gender balance will be addressed as follows:

  • All activities are monitored and prioritized based on wide geographical inclusion and distribution across Europe
  • Our networking tools will reserve at least 50% of the funds for Early Career Investigators.
  • Gender balance is one of our goals and we will actively promote female participants in all our activities. Preferences, given same qualifications, will be given to female researchers. We actively aim to increase our female participation to 50% throughout the Action.

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Women in FinTech Conference tackles gender imbalance in the field

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