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Grants Applications

Here you will find a list of the most important grants, which you can apply for. Please notice that you must be logging in with your COST account.

Mobility of researchers and innovators

Short-Term Scientific Mission grant

Visit of a host organization located in a different country than the country of affiliation by a Researcher or Innovator for the specific work to be carried out and for a determined period of time. The grantee receives funding for implementing a project with an international team and gains new knowledge or access to equipment or techniques not available in the home institution

Virtual Mobility grant

Financial support for Researchers or Innovators (with a primary affiliation to an institution located in a COST Full or Cooperating Member country or from a COST Near Neighbour Country) to foster collaboration in a virtual setting, to exchange knowledge, learn new techniques, etc.

Presentations at conferences organised by third parties

Dissemination Conference grant

Financial support to Action participant for their participation in high-level conferences to present the Action, their activities, and results (oral presentation) and for developing new contacts and potential future collaborations.

ITC Conference grant

Financial support for Young Researchers and Innovators affiliated in an Inclusiveness Target Country / Near Neighbour Country for their participation in high-level conferences. The grantee receives support for attending and presenting their work (poster/oral presentation) at a conference and can establish new contacts for future collaborations.

Virtual Networking Support

Virtual Networking Support grant

Assessing and supporting the new forms of collaboration in a virtual and hybrid settings. This aims to be a complement to traditional ways of collaboration within the research and innovation communities and among the members of a given Action.

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