Round table: COST Fintech and AI Diversity

Wolfgang Karl Härdle

Current Research: Financial engineering, smart (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timely) data analytics, machine learning and cryptocurrency markets.

Keywords: data sciences, dimension reduction and quantitative finance

Maria Iannario

Current Research: Unfolding models for ordinal data for cyber risk assessment. Tree-based Item Response Models for Don’t Know responses and public’s levels of Financial Literacy knowledge. Item latent trait models to analyse payment aspects of financial inclusion

Keywords: Ordinal data models, Fintech, Risk assessment

 Esra  Kabaklarli

Current Research: Investigating The Impact of Green Technologies on Green Growth and Efficiency: Panel Data Analysis

Keywords: Circular Economy, Green Fintech, Green Economic Growth

Meriem Kherbouche

Current Research: Studying the use and benefits of Blockchain in Business Process Modelling and Improvement and the Fintech Revolution.

Keywords: Blockchain, Business Process Modelling, Enterprise Architecture, Information Systems and Business Systems, Model To Program, Fintech.

Daniele Marazzina

Current Research: Financial derivatives pricing and optimal asset allocation, as well as fintech topics, mainly interpretability issues on machine learning application in finance and in the insurance sector 

Keywords: Fintech, Token, Machine Learning, Quantitative Finance Short Bio

Codruta Mare

Current Research: Spatial Econometrics, Sentiment Analysis applied in Finance, Insurance, trust in Financial Systems

Keywords: Econometrics, Spatial Econometrics, Finance, Sentiment Analysis, Financial Literacy, Insurance, Trust

Erika Mináriková, Miroslav Hudec  

Current Research: Our research areas evolve around the theory of computational intelligence and explainability of AI by fuzzy logic and aggregation functions as well as application in diverse fields including finance, behavioural economics, and smart cities. We would like to focus our future work on further research in these fields and on the theoretical improvements required for solving particularities of the tasks.  

Keywords: soft computing, fuzzy logic, explainability 

Joerg Osterrieder

Current Research: Fintech, Artificial Intelligence in Finance

Keywords:  Fintech, Finance, Artificial Intelligence

Belma Öztürkkal

Current Research: Investigating the effect of ESG (environmental, social and governance) performance and different ownership attributes (institutional, foreign, and state ownership) on firm performance. The prediction of mortgage defaults with mortgages from a major Turkish bank using tree-based machine learning methods.

Keywords: investments, corporate finance, mortgages, ESG

Alessia Paccagnini

Current research: Econometrics, Macroeconometrics, Applied Macroeconomics, Time Series Analysis, Forecasting

Keywords: Big Data, Factor Models, DSGE Models, Monetary Policy, Machine Learning

Rezarta Shkurti Perri

Current Research: The regulation of Fintech activities in CEE countries

Keywords:  Financial analysis, diversity, big data in accounting and finance

 Albulena Shala

Current Research: Regulatory barriers to fintech companies in Central and Eastern European countries – a lot of red tape or a building trust? The main purpose of this study is to analyze the legislation for fintech companies in Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries and identify which countries are more progressive and which are less so. 

Key words: Fintech, CEE countries, Sandbox Regulatory, Innovation Office.

Hanna Kristín Skaftadóttir

Current Research: As a part of her Ph.D. thesis, her research areas revolve around the efficiency and effectiveness of robotic process automation in auditing and a case study on blockchain adaption in shareholder registries. She has been moving onto XAI research recently in collaboration with fellows at Rutgers continuous accounting research lab (CARlab). 

Keywords: RPA, blockchain, diversity, business intelligence 

Barbara Będowska-Sójka

Current Research: Cryptocurrencies, fintech

Keywords:  financial time series analysis, volatility, spillovers, liquidity, networks;

 Alessandra Tanda

Current Research: peer-to-peer lending platforms for SMEs and their characteristics; ESG ETF performance and investment criteria; Digital banks: identification and performance evaluation of digital banks.

Keywords: banking, fintech, ESG 

Claudia Tarantola

Current Research: Ordered response models for risk evaluation

Keywords:  Categorical data analysis, risk evaluation, Bayesian Statistics, Data Science, Graphical Models