Technical Coordinator

The Technical Coordinator (TC) acts as Digitalization Officer and will make sure that the technical infrastructure of the COST action is always up to date and provides all services a contemporary organization requires. This includes but is not limited to the provision of a Blog/website, a Wiki, a private file server including backup possibilities as well as other services for private use, e.g. a GitLab server for code sharing. Public services will also be maintained by the TC, e.g. the GitHub account for public usage and open-source releases of the project. Any project member can request an own web-space or managed WordPress blog by contacting the TC – subject to approval of the Core Group of the project. Furthermore the domain management including Email addresses for Action members are handled by the TC.

Any member of the Action may contact the TC at any time to request support for any technical products that may improve the Action.

Current Technical Coordinator

The current Technical Coordinator is Ronald Hochreiter <ronald.hochreiter AT>

Ronald Hochreiter is Docent at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business. He is President of the Academy of Data Science in Finance since 2017 and Vice-president of the Austrian Society of Operations Research since 2013. His research is based on Decision Science (Operations Research and Optimization under Uncertainty) as well as Data Science (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) and applied to Algorithmic & Quantitative Finance, Social Science, Public Management, and Health Management. He serves as Principal Investor and partner for various national and international (EU) research projects. He is Program Director of the module Data Science within the Professional MBA on Digitalization and Data Science at the WU Executive Education. Find out more at