[Action] STSMs and VMG evaluation criteria

In order for an application to be considered for evaluation it has to:

  1. Involve members from at least 5 countries;
  2. Treat a deliverable of the Action – the deliverable has to be clearly stated in the application, even if it is a secondary output of the application;
  3. The applicant should have already been involved in the Action’s activities;
  4. The applicant should already have acknowledged the Action in previous work. This aspect has to be proven by the applicant in the application process by providing supplementary information related to it.

The final payment of the VMG amount is conditioned by:

  1. Providing the mission report in due time;
  2. Providing a proof of the deliverable. This proof may be a link, a DOI number, a proof of submission or anything of the kind, that allows the evaluation committee to see the actual output;
  3. Any output of the STSM or VMG has to be acknowledged for the Action’s support
  4. Have a presentation of the output/ results in one of the Action’s events
  5. Have a podcast with Vasile Strat on the topic of the application.

The applicant may provide to the evaluation committee any other proof that supports the successful implementation of the mission.

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