[Conference] European Alternative Finance Research Conference 2022: Fintech for the common good

Utrecht School of Economics and COST Action CA19130 FinAI – Fintech and Artificial Intelligence in Finance – Towards a Transparent Financial Industry invite you to the international scientific conference “Fintech for the common good” which will be held from October 5th – 7th, 2022 in Utrecht, The Netherlands as a hybrid event.

Call for Papers will open Feb 1, 2022


This year’s conference features the special topic ‘Fintech and the common good’. We welcome the submission of rigorous quantitative, qualitative, mathematical/formal and/or theoretical studies related to fintech and alternative finance from an economic, computer science, data analytics, law, sociological or other perspective, focussing on but not limited to:

  • Artificial Intelligence in Finance (including Explainable Artificial Intelligence – XAI)
  • Transparency of AI applications in finance
  • Tackling bias in artificial intelligence
  • FinTech and digital finance (including DeFi)
  • Fintech and its impact on financing SMEs (e.g. central bank digital currencies, tokenization, computer science approaches in alternative finance)
  • Fintech as enabler of sustainable innovation (e.g. circular economy, product-service systems etc)
  • My financial data and privacy
  • Relationships between new and traditional finance providers
  • Role of regulation and other formal or informal institutions (e.g. new European Crowdfunding Service Provider Regime – ECSP)
  • Psychology and behaviour of retail investors
  • Financial and entrepreneurial ecosystems for new forms of alternative finance (incl. financial advisors)
  • Civic crowdfunding and match-funding for public and non-profit projects (including arts and culture)
  • Community finance and ownership (including DAO)