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Action Chair: Joerg Osterrieder
Vice Action Chair: Valerio Poti
Grant Holder Scientific Representative: Branka Hadji Misheva

Science Communication Coordinator: Alessia Paccagnini
Science Communication Co-Coordinator: Daniele Marazzina

WG1 Leader: Wolfgang Härdle
WG2 Leader: Petre Lameski
WG3 Leader: Peter Schwendner
WG2 Co-Leader 1: Kristina Sutiene

Virtual Grant Manager: Vasile Strat
STSM Co-Coordinator: Roman Matkowskyy
STSM Co-Coordinator: Catarina Silva
ITC coordinator: Enis Kayis
Grant Awarding Manager: Codruta Mare
Coordinator of Network: Audrius Kabasinkas
Vice-Coordinator of Network: David Bevan
Technical Coordinator: Ronald Hochreiter

Diversity Leader: Alessandra Tanda
Diversity Co-Leader: Alessia Paccagnini
Diversity Co-Leader: Claudia Tarantola

Informational Privacy Advisor: Maria Moloney