[Our Action] Core group meeting

On January 19, 2022, we started the COST FinAI year 2022 with our first core group meeting:
Presentation and meeting minutes are here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16nQoETCBnWG2FJ8RqADznRoZfkHN21CB

As main follow-ups, we have:

1.      The following leadership positions are open, anyone interested, please let Branka, Valerio and/ or myself know:
a.      Virtual Grant Manager   
b.      Grant Award Coordinator/ Manager
2.      Daniele, Ronald, Alessia have been very active preparing a mailing list and newsletter. Please do sign up, we aim to use that going forward: https://fin-ai.eu/cost-finai-news/
3.      Also, again, Daniele, Alessia, have set up a blog: https://fin-ai.eu/cost-finai-news/ Please send any information you want to have added to the blog and newsletter using the form https://forms.gle/5MJxrEskch4hBsP19 (see also https://wiki.fin-ai.eu/index.php/Science_Communication#Blog_and_Newsletter)
4.      We want to set up an evaluation committee for proposed COST activities (mainly conferences), similar to what we have for STMSs. If you are interested in joining, please do let me know.

Jörg Osterrieder