[Our Action] COST FinAI Update Grant Period 2

Since we are now fully starting with the second grant period, a few updates on

1) Work and Budget plan (WBP)

2) Activities

3) Proposed new leadership structure.

We have 19 Countries represented as hosts and organizers. UK, Switzerland, Turkey, Hong Kong, Austria, Italy, France, Ireland, Romania, Germany, Netherlands, Croatia, Portugal, Finland, North Macedonia, Poland,  Slovakia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Europe (i.e. online).

There will be 24 conferences, workshops, seminars, meetings organised by COST FinAI and/ or COST FinAI members until October 22.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the WBP, the activities and for taking on responsibilities.

Any other updates, thoughts, comments, please let us know.

We will organise a short update meeting in the first week of March for anyone interested.

Best regards


  1. Work and Budget Plan

This has been approved by COST and our Management Committee members. Please find it attached. Thanks to everyone that contributed. List of activities:

ongoinguntil October 31, 2022EuropeShort-Term Scientific MissionsSTSMtbd, Codruta Mare, Claudia Tarantola, Ronald Hochreiter, Enis Kayis, Jana Peliova, Eftim Zdravevski
ongoinguntil October 31, 2022EuropeInclusiveness Target Countries Conference GrantITCEnis Kayis, Codruta Mare, Claudia Tarantola, Ronald Hochreiter, Jana Peliova, Eftim Zdravevski
ongoinguntil October 31, 2022EuropeDissemination ConferencesConferenceCodruta Mare, Claudia Tarantola, Ronald Hochreiter, Enis Kayis, Jana Peliova, Eftim Zdravevski
ongoinguntil October 31, 2022Europe, onlineVirtual GrantsVGVasile Strat
March24.3. – 25.3.22Berlin, GermanyML approaches Finance and ManagementConference,WG3 meetingAlla Petukhina, Rui Ren, Wolfgang Härdle
May5.5. – 6.5.22Zagreb, CroatiaTechnology, Innovation and StabilityConferenceNika Simurina, Ana Ivanisevic Hernaus
May16.5. – 17.5.22Naples, ItalyCOST FinAI Diversity research workshopConferenceGalena Pisoni, Alessia Paccagnini, Alessandra Tanda, Claudia Tarantola, Maria Iannario
May19.5.22OnlineCOST FinAI Conference on TransparencyConferenceAlessandra Tanda, Valerio Poti, Cuong Nguyen, Ania Zalewska, Audrius Kabasinskas, Branka Hadji Misheva, Joerg Osterrieder, Simon Trimborn, Catarina Silva
June16.6.22Bucharest, RomaniaEconomics and social sciencesConferenceVasile Strat, Daniel Pele
July6.7.22Espoo, FinlandCOST FinAI Transparency in FinanceCore group,WG3 meetingPeter Schwendner, Marcus Wunsch, Joerg Osterrieder, Valerio Poti
August22.8. – 24.8.22Enschede, NetherlandsWorkshop on Transparency in Financial MarketsConference, Core group, WG2 meetingPetre Lameski, Kristina Sutiene, Valerio Poti, Joerg Osterrieder
September21.9. – 22.9.22Coimbra, PortugalWomen in Fintech and Artificial IntelligenceConferenceGalena Pisoni, Alessia Paccagnini, Alessandra Tanda, Claudia Tarantola, Maria Iannario
October5.10. – 7.10.22Utrecht, NetherlandsCOST FinAI Transparency in FinanceConference, MC Meeting, Core group, WG meetingsRonald Kleverlaan, Friedemann Polzin, Thomas Walther, Joerg Osterrieder, Peter Schwendner, Marcus Wunsch, Petre Lameski, Kristina Sutiene, Wolfgang Härdle, Alla Petukhina
  1. Meetup links for activities


Short-Term Scientific Missions, until Oct 22

Inclusiveness Target Countries Conference Grant, until Oct 22

Dissemination Conferences, until Oct 22

Virtual Grants, until Oct 22

Conferences, workshops, COST FinAI meetings


  1. Proposed leadership structure

There will be separate MC votes for all new positions.

All members below will also become members of the Core group.

Leadership positionNameCountry
Action ChairJoerg OsterriederSwitzerland
Vice Action ChairValerio PotiIreland
Grant Holder Scientific RepresentativeBranka Hadji MishevaSwitzerland
Science Communication CoordinatorAlessia PaccagniniIreland
Science Communication Co-CoordinatorDaniele MarazzinaItaly
WG1 LeaderWolfgang HärdleGermany
WG2 LeaderPetre LameskiNorth Macedonia
WG3 LeaderPeter SchwendnerSwitzerland
WG2 Co-LeaderKristina SutieneLithuania
Virtual Grant ManagerVasile StratRomania
STMS CoordinatorTBDTBD
ITC coordinatorEnis KayisTurkey
Grant Awarding ManagerCodruta MareRomania
Coordinator of NetworkAudrius KabasinkasLithuania
Vice-Coordinator of NetworkTBDTBD
Technical CoordinatorRonald HochreiterAustria
Diversity LeaderGalena PisoniFrance
Diversity Co-LeaderClaudia TarantolaItaly
Diversity Co-LeaderAlessandra TandraItaly
Diversity Co-LeaderAlessia PaccagniniIreland